Tuesday, March 23, 2021



Mum says it refreshes her soul to take a walk by
the harbour, to see the water and get some fresh air.  Luckily for us it is only a fifteen minute walk for mum from our house to the waterfront. 


  1. Oh! What lovely photos Poppy!x
    And, yes, it's lovely to walk along the
    sea, fresh air, the wind in your face! :).
    I like to drive to the coast to, down to
    a placed called Poole..there's a lovely
    quay side, cafes, and boats, nice and
    relaxing..and..the best thing is a very
    large cone, filled with ice~cream..though
    it's all been closed in the last year! :(

  2. What wonderful photos. It is certainly different to when I was growing up there in the 1940s. My grandmother lived up Mt. Victoria in the 1950s for a little while. I stayed with her for a week. She had to walk up 90 steps from the street to her house. Really bad, but a wonderful view. I like looking at old photos of Wellington on utube. It has certainly changed. Keep well you too. It is such a long work week for mum. 🌈 🐭

  3. That IS lovely, Poppy. The biped misses the smell of salt water (from living on the east coast and also growing up near the ocean in another province). Living on Lake Ontario isn't quite the same, though having water accessible via city transit still is good.

    Take care!

  4. Stunning Poppy. I know I would love to see this in person. I have only seen both oceans a few times. I'm inland so very far.

  5. Such a nice walk that must be for your mum. My grandmother lived in Saint John, New Brunswick, just up the hill from the harbour, on Main Street. That harbour was a bit more work-a-day than yours looks to be, with lots of fish and cargo and gulls. Very atmospheric, and all gone now…

  6. Your Mum is very lucky. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  7. No lake front near us, but just getting outside in the fresh air is good.

  8. Beautiful views, Poppy. We overlook a river, but if we want to go to the sea it is a 30 minute drive which is further than we are allowed to go during lock down.

  9. Ooh, we can see how that is good for your mum's soul, Poppy. What a special place.