Saturday, March 6, 2021


 How to tell you the seasons changing without telling you the seasons changing.   Mum has noticed that I've been spending time back on her bed, snuggling next to her.  She particularly enjoyed when I came and woke her up at 2.30am to tell her it was raining outside.  I did this by rubbing my wet furs on her arm - she loved it.


  1. Bless! You can come and rub your wet fur
    on my arm anytime Poppy!x

    We've had four days of sunshine, in fact
    seven o'clock this morning it was steaming
    through the Paddington Bear curtains, lovely!
    If it warms up later, may go out and do a bit
    of trimming in the garden..
    In the meantime, l've some washing to go out
    on the line..! :).

  2. Oh Poppy, I remember when Flynn would come in soaking wet from the garden and dive down under the duvet to snuggle up to me. That is guaranteed to wake you up with a start!

  3. We've been lucky to have Sunshine off and on for 5 days. That is so rare for our winter. Hope you did not make a big puddle on the bed Poppy. Glad that it's more like spring rain Ben winter snow.

  4. Lucky mum. She can rely on you sweet Poppy to give her the latest news. I am thinking of getting a homeless cat from the SPCA. I. so miss having a cat. Preferably one that doesn’t howl 😂. Iwould be interested to know if you have a cat flap to go out in the night for toiletries. If so does it bang in a windy night or do you have indoor facilities. I have never gone this long without a puddy cat and it would be such company. 🥰

    1. HeHe! For goodness sake Sally...
      GO~GET~A~CAT...! To~day...!
      Bless! You know you want to..!
      🐱 😸 🐱 😸 😻 🐱 😸

    2. Poppy has a cat flap and let's herself in and out to toilet. She only went inside once, in the shower when the cat flap got stuck.

  5. I nap in different places from season to season, that ls one way mum can tell. Me too.

  6. Good job letting Mum know it was raining outside, Poppy. And how nice that with the cooler weather you are back to snuggling.

  7. You're a regular barometer, Poppy. When I had more cat-bed-loving cats, they would start to spend more time in the beds come the cold weather. (And I can imagine the love your mum had for signs of nocturnal rain...)