Monday, March 1, 2021


 We got asked about vaccination for Covid in NZ.  So far border workers have begun to be vaccinated and soon will be Frontline health workers which should include mum as she works the hospital.  To be fair, as we do not have a lot of Covid here and mum  is happy that we wait our turn.  The vaccine should be going to people  in communities most at risk.  

Mum gets asthma and some bad respiratory infections, so she will be happy to line up to get her vaccination.  


  1. They've just discovered a Brazilian strain over here..
    Two people in Gloucester..two in Scotland, and one
    other, who they don't know who it is or where that
    person is..? Something about the paperwork not being
    filled in properly..! :(
    So a massive search for that person is on...!

    Over here there sticking to age for the vaccines, so
    nurses, doctors, police teachers..etc have to wait there
    turn, and teachers, and the kids go back to school to~day..
    parents can get kits, to test there kids are available
    should they want them..
    Thankfully! The deaths have come down by a third, so that's
    something to be thankful for..! :).

  2. Thanks for answering that!

    Like Willie,it's by age here too (and frontline health care workers, firefighters, etc.), so I'll be in a much later group, possibly as late as the fall, though Health Canada has just approved the Astrazeneca vaccine and is reviewing the Johnson and Johnson one. I feel I'd rather have one shot of a vaccine that would have 80% efficacy rather than one with 60%+ efficacy, but I think that, with all the variants, we'll need boosters no matter what. I guess right now any immunity is better than none!

    (I should note that each province is rolling out the vaccination a bit differently, there is no Canada-wide standard plan, though there ARE federal recommendations.)

  3. My human's turn here in the States won't be for a while. She's waiting not-so-patiently! But she knows there are people ahead of her who need it way more than she does.

  4. Congratulations! We just heard today that BC is ahead of schedule, so we MAY get ours before August! Yippie! Have a marvellously happy day!

  5. Roll out of vaccinations have begun here too.
    Front line workers and the elderly are first
    I’ll patiently wait my turn and pull the the sleeves
    I’ll probably get the flu shot first

  6. Yes, it will be good for your mum to be vaccinated because of her conditions and her work-place, but she's probably right in that others should get it first.