Saturday, March 13, 2021

Washing Inspector

 For one person mim sure does like to do lots of washing.   She tells me she is trying to enjoy the last few weeks of washing being able to dry outside before the winter arrives.


  1. For one person l tend to wash as l go..
    l never let wash built up over the week,
    lots of people have Monday as their wash
    day, if something needs washing, l wash
    it, put it out to dry or in the spinner,
    during the winter..the spinner is ideal,
    as it comes out the spinner, it's just
    right for ironing, then up in the airing
    cupboard over night..job done..! :).

  2. Poppy, how fun of you to keep an eye on the laundry. Make sure it
    does not blow away, though you are a bit short to rehang it if it falls.
    We had bad wind here for 2 days while it was much warmer. Now the sun is
    out until we get cold icy rain on Monday. Hope your warm weather holds
    out a lot longer, even though I want the warm to be here with us.

  3. It looks like pretty day there Poppy You're being a good girl to help keep an aye on the washing. I hope you and Mum have a sweet day.

  4. Good job snoopervising, Poppy! Mum is lucky to have you watching over the laundry.

  5. Drying the wash outside makes it smell wonderful, I think you'll agree, Poppy.