Monday, March 22, 2021


 Mum and I are glad that Monday has rolled around.  Mum has a 7 day working stretch ahead.  The good thing is that she will have 2 days off to relax next week.  Mum made corned beef with mashed potatoes and cabbage for dinner last night, with plenty of leftovers although all that cabbage has made her somewhat gassy.  Mum thinks it is brave that I am sleeping on her bed tonight- very brave.


  1. HaHa! You better sleep downwind Poppy!x
    Strange how cabbage has that effect on
    people..think l'll Google it..and find
    out why..! :).

    Don't forget to remind Mum to go get that
    cushion..! Bless! :).

    1. Ere ya go Poppy!x

      How do you avoid gas when eating cabbage?
      Cabbage contains sulphorous compounds, as well as a
      sugar called raffinose that when digested can cause
      gas and bloating..
      To minimize gas and bloating, eat smaller amounts at
      one time and drink water throughout the day to aid in
      digestion....(So there)..! :).

  2. Your mum did some great cooking Poppy. Hope you got a good can of treat out of it. Nice to hear you're sleeping with your mum.

  3. LOL. Your mum's meal sounds tasty, even with the gassy effects of the cabbage. :-D

  4. Sorry to hear your Mum has some unpleasant side effects from cabbage. I hope you both have a good week ahead.

  5. Ha! It looks like you’re holding your breath, Poppy…