Thursday, April 22, 2021



Our days are getting shorter here and it is getting dark as mum comes home.  She is enjoying walking to work in the morning while the weather is nice, which is good as the bus drivers are on strike tomorrow so it will be a brisk walk too and from walk.  Mum will be getting her 10,000 + steps in tomorrow. 



  1. We are heading into summer..still a bit
    chilly first thing, l've started wearing
    my short cargos..much more relaxing..!

    10,000 steps..goodness! And how many steps
    have you done Poppy!x You have to multiply
    yours by two..! :). (l think)..

  2. Oh, gosh, we hope the bus strike is VERY short-lived! Transit is an essential service, as far as the biped is concerned. She'd be up a creek without it!

    We had a snowstorm yesterday. Well, 5 cm and it hasn't all melted today because it's SO cold! What happened to our almost summer-like weather at the beginning of April???

    Take care, good luck to your mum getting to and from work, etc.

  3. Like Kea, we too had 4 inches of snow and then a terrible freeze last night.
    But like Poppy, we have sun today. What a way to get in 10,000 steps. Hope it
    does not make feast late for Poppy.

  4. Our public transit here is awful. I'm glad Mum has the ability to walk to work safely. Have a good evening Poppy.

  5. I wonder how many steps us kitties do in a day. My human found an old Fitbit of hers. If it still works, maybe she will put it on me.

  6. Are you counting your steps Poppy? Having 4 feet I guess you do twice as many as Mum. 😊

  7. Geez, that reminds me that we haven't had a strike here in ages. We used to have them quite commonly. I hope it doesn't cause too much inconvenience there.