Saturday, April 10, 2021


As mum walked home she could see that the rain clouds were settling over the city.  A great afternoon to come home and sit with me on the bed.  As usual she says she was reading her book but we ended up napping together.  Perfect!!


  1. We've had, and will have a few days of
    sunshine, dry, but still a bit chilly!

    None essential shops opening on Monday,
    outside drinking and eating will be allowed,
    other rules still apply though...
    So l can get a haircut next week, my friend
    Karen, who's been cutting my hair for 40+ yrs
    will be up, she won't need her scissors, a
    hedge strimmer would be better, the amount it's
    grown..! :).

  2. We will have a wet day too. Good time to curl up with a book and cat.

  3. A cloudy, grey day is perfect for a nap together, Poppy and Mum!

  4. Sometimes. nothing beats a nap!

  5. We are currently experiencing an article blast.
    It’s really cold and we have snow in the nearby mountains
    Feeling it in my bones.
    An afternoon napping and reading is perfect

  6. A rainy afternoon to read or nap with your loved one. That IS perfect.