Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter



  1. Oh! My word Poppy!x What have you got there!
    Goodness! I see your little tongue ready to
    give it a lick! :).
    I'm afraid that would give you tummy ache,
    wish l could send you some bunny rabbit,
    l'm having to~day..(But don't tell Sally)..
    HeHe! But! l will share it with Fudge..he
    loves bunny rabbit..! :).

    And..let's hope everyone has a lovely Easter
    day...!x God Bless! :O)

    1. Willie, I left you another message on yesterday’s blog if you want to take a look . I can’t read your reply above. You are still eating rabbit 😭

    2. Yes! I saw yesterday's comment..
      And left a reply..
      HeHe! People ask me all the time, why l
      never remarried..l always say, why should
      l, when there are loads of ladies out there
      that are always nagging me..! :).
      AND..I love it..! :O).

      Half the rabbit is all gone..Fudge is asleep
      on the patio table..I've enjoyed half bottle
      of wine..and a pot of Moka coffee..!
      I just gonna sit down and watch Anthony Quinn
      in the 1961 film Barabbas..! :).

  2. That is a cute Easter Kiwi, Poppy.
    Happy Easter to you and your mum.

  3. What a fun chocolate you have there Poppy. Is a kiwi safe to eat? Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. Lucky you Poppy. Whittaker’s is the best and a kiwi as well. Did you lick it or leave it for mum ? 🥰 🐭🐭🐭

    1. Ah! Yes! Sorry! ALL these tight
      trousers...! :).
      I like my squirrel skinned, gutted, cleaned
      pushed onto a Barbeque stick, painted with
      olive oil, etc...and cooked on the Barby, or
      under the grill..quite a strong meat, and like
      most game..fat free..! :).

    2. And now I know 😢 Thanks Willie

  5. A chocolate kiwi? Well, why not? Happy Easter, Poppy, to you and your mum.

  6. An Easter Kiwi? Well, works ok for me and mum. Happy Easter.

  7. Wow, Poppy. That is a great chocolate Kiwi! Happy Easter to you and Mum!

  8. Happy Easter! How cool that your human got an Easter kiwi!

  9. Wishing you and Mum a sweet day. I hope she enjoys the chocolate Kiwi!

  10. Thinking of you on this special day! Best wishes for Easter and the season ahead. Enjoy the Kiwi!

  11. Look at your sweet little face there Pops ... you with your egg. No wonder we all love you so much. xx