Monday, April 19, 2021


 Mum picked the harvest red tomatoes that were poking through the fence tonight. She popped a couple in with tonights pasta dish and will have some for salad with tomorrow nights dinner.  And she found some of their parsley growing through the gaps too.  


  1. They look really nice Poppy!x
    Perhaps Mum should make a few more
    holes..! :).

    Can't beat fresh tomatoes..much better
    tasting than that supermarket rubbish,
    l buy 6 'salad' tomatoes every week,
    salad, salad, the only thing there good
    for is frying..that's wehy l buy them,
    for breakfast..There absolute rubbish,
    l've even written to the company about it..!
    Not that it'll do any good..! :(.

  2. Jackpot! They look great for humans, let's hope you get feast, Poppy.

  3. Those tomatoes look good! I grow my own from seeds and they are just about 2" high, so a long way to go yet.

  4. Those look terrific, Poppy, and yummy too! What a bonus for your mum--free fresh produce! :-)

  5. Wow ! They look great. Do they smell as good as they look? Lucky mum. Hope there’s more to come.🥰

  6. I don't like tomatoes often, and once they start to soften, I lose interest. But fresh and firm? Time to eat!