Monday, April 26, 2021


 It has been a 3 day long weekend this weekend which has been just lovely.  The weather was better than forecast, with three warm and sunny days.  The evenings are cooling and mum has the heaters turned on which I am enjoying.  

I got to go out in the garden with mum and show her my favorite sunshine spots.


  1. Looks lovely Poppy!x
    All that sunshine, and, a pretty flower,
    we're still having nice sunny days, and
    more are forecast..and next Monday is a
    Bank Holiday, and 31 degrees are forecast! :).

    And..full Lockdown may be lifted sooner than
    expected..I hope they know what there doing..!
    I for one will continue to wear a mask, at least!

  2. What a lovely long weekend, Poppy. We read your last post, are glad your mum's almost fully recovered! Purrs for a great week ahead.

  3. sometimes an easy day is the best, holly-day or not.

  4. Wonderful look at you and a yellow flower. Looks like my dandelion.
    We finally have some sun today. Enjoy showing your mum the yard.
    We enjoy seeing it through your eyes.

  5. Sounds like a glorious fall weekend, Poppy.

  6. Poppy, dear, a Ukranian-American actor* famed for his rough riding roles was given the line: "Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever." He adopted it as a sort of mantra for accepting the physical limitations of aging while being grateful for sunny afternoons spent with friends. Methinks you and your mum share this healthy outlook: Enjoy your garden and your cozy evenings at home! (Jack Palance/Volodymyr Palahniuk won his Oscar at 70+ playing an aging cowboy and celebrated onstage by doing one-armed push-ups.)

  7. Though I enjoy the spring and early summer - especially after a long, drawn-out winter - I miss the cosiness of heaters and blankets. I hope you have a few more sunny and warm days to enjoy before your winter.