Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Double Feature

Today's forecast was for rain and as it was a precious week day off mum thought she would treat herself to a sleep in and a day at the cinema.   Her 08.30am sleep in was somewhat ruined by a middle aged lady 5am toilet visit, and a 6am cat biscuit barf on the carpet.  

Mum still managed to get herself up and ready and had time to visit a couple of shops and the market on the way to the cinema to pick up a roll and an apple.  She saw The Father first.  A somewhat grim movie about a fathers struggle with memory loss.  Olivia Coleman is always a delight,  and Anthony Hopkins is just perfect in the title role being so talented at playing the charming and bewildered father whose life is swirling around him.  I did manage to nod off several times so its a 3.5/5 from me.

The Courier is a post war based on a true story spy thriller with Benedict Cumberbatch playing an English businessman duped into working with a Soviet spy.  Ladies at the cinema were telling us their stories about spending lockdown with Mr Cumberbatch and his family.  The movie was interesting, a 4/5 Sunday Night Masterpiece Theater Movie.

So mums tired and hopefully she'll get to sleep through the night tonight.


  1. Ah! The Father..That's a film l want to see..
    And Anthony Hopkins has just won 'Best Supporting
    Actor' in the BAFTA's..
    And when they contacted him via the awards, on
    the internet, he was at home in Wales..Painting..! :).
    Great actor..one of the very best, and 83yrs old

    1. One of my favourite actors too. I just hope I can hang on long enough to see it dear Willie

  2. Anthony Hopkins is definitely a great actor and a great person. Every role I've ever seen him play he is just excellent. Glad your mom had a chance to see a couple very interesting movies and then come home to a very sweet kitty. Even with cleanup Duty I'm sure she was glad to be home with you Poppy.

  3. Lucky you ! . I so want to see this film. It will help me see how my husband saw life in his later years. I rang a cinema Alice in videoland in Christchurch as they were playing it, however it won’t be on DVD for a few months, Love and kisses to PoppyQ.❤️

  4. Two good films. I hope your Mum can get her rest uninterrupted. Have a sweet night.

  5. "The Courier" is of interest to me as I like learning about true intelligence work - so different from James Bond (which is also fun). I watched "The Man From Moscow" in the 1980s, which dealt with the same subject. It starred David Calder, I believe. It was a good production, so I may watch this one, too.