Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Mum is feeling better today.  She went to bed last night with a fever and sore arm but as the day went on today her temperature has almost returned to normal.   It is ANZAC day here and mum would have liked to go to dawn parade she would have felt a bit too wobbly to stand outside for an hour.  

So she slept in and just pottered about.  She cleaned the windows and did the dishes and more washing.   She might venture out and about tomorrow.   Me well I enjoyed my sleep in and was begging for my dinner at 4pm and back to bed by 4.15pm.  


  1. 15min to eat dinner..? That's a bit slow Poppy!x
    HeHe! Bless! :).

    Looks like you had a nice day, nice day over here
    to..same forecast for the rest of the week..! :).
    I'll pop out later and cut the grass..!

    And there's that cross again..HeHe! That really
    worries me..! I've never seen a washing line
    pole in the shape of a cross before..! :O).

  2. You live the life of Riley, Poppy. So glad Mum is feeling better.

  3. Poppy your mum certainly got a lot done at home. Hopefully by now she's feeling much much better. And you must be from having eaten and gone and taking your nap.

  4. That's a relief, Poppy. The side-effects of the vaccinations don't seem to last long, but they are pretty hard on a lot of people.

    A blessed ANZAC Day to you, as you remember those who sacrificed and those who were willing to sacrifice.

  5. I am glad your mum is feeling much better now, Poppy.

  6. I'm glad your human is feeling better. I'm sure she will be fine in a day, if she isn't already!

  7. We sure are glad Mum is feeling better, Poppy.