Thursday, April 8, 2021

Morning Friend

 Om mums walk to work she often passes this friendly kitty who always has a morning hello and appreciates a little pat.  


  1. When l walk into town l usually see
    3~4 comes running up
    and meows a lot..another one rolls
    over and likes a tummy rub..and so
    on..takes me half an hour sometimes
    to walk a few yards..! :).

  2. Oh, how I love seeing kitties when I'm out. Sometimes just seeing
    them in yards and on porches as I drive past. This one is handsome.
    No worries, Poppy, mum won't bring him home.

  3. That's a lovely way for your mum to start her day (other than you, Poppy). So nice to be greeted by friendly neighbours. :-)

  4. My human always gets so excited when she meets friendly kitties, and if it's somewhere she passes often, she always keeps an eye out.

  5. That is nice of the kitty to be there waiting for your mum.

  6. I was hoping you were talking about him being YOUR friend, Poppy.

  7. That cat has a beautiful face and your Mum is sweet to pet it.