Friday, April 30, 2021


 It's getting darker earlier than ever now as winter approaches.  These were the skies as mum turned into our street tonight, a sky if peach shades with a scattering of little grey clouds.  Home just in time to switch the lights and heater on.  


  1. It's a Bank holiday weekend, this weekend,
    and rain is forecast..Rain, wind, thunder
    and gales also forecast on Monday, in some
    parts! :(.
    God! How l hate's so wet..why is it
    wet..? Why can't they make it rain at night,
    and nice during the day..?
    Oh!'s a good job they invented the
    umbrella..! :O).

  2. Your days are shorter and ours are longer. However, after a couple nice days
    this week, we are to have another freeze this weekend. Sounds like we both
    will have the heaters on, Poppy. Stay snuggly warm.

  3. Snuggle and warm each other!

  4. Beautiful sunset sky, Poppy. :-)

    It might be spring here, but we could get a couple of centimetres of snow this evening or tonight. I've covered up some of the plants...again!

  5. Beautiful sky photo! We've got a beautiful, warm weekend in store with maybe a chance of thunder boomers to start the week. We're good with winter weather til later in the year.

  6. I just commented to the cats this morning how light it was so early...