Saturday, May 1, 2021


 More fruits from the autumn harvest - passionfruit from our garden.  Mum didn't get to have any last year as the painters took them all.  They are sweet and mum is enjoying them as there will be none left on the vine by next week. 

  It's a quiet night tonight as mum has to work in the morning  and it's frosty tonight.  So after Call the Midwife she's off to bed with her book.


  1. We share a frosty morning today Poppy. Half a world apart in the same kind of day isn't that strange. The fruit looks good and hope your mom got a good rest and lots of snuggles.

  2. And..we're still getting frost to..
    Though rain forecast for the weekend,
    and Bank holiday Monday..with thunder
    and gales!

    The passion fruit look lovely, Mum is
    really enjoying them l expect..lovely! :0)

  3. Still very frosty here at night too. It's May now, the frost needs to go away! The passion fruit look lovely, but how rude of the painters to take them all last year.

  4. Those look delicious, Poppy. We are glad Mum got to enjoy the this year!

  5. The fruit looks plump and ripe and ready for your mum. She may as well take as many as she can, if they are all going to be gone otherwise.

  6. I'm glad Mum got to enjoy that gorgeous fruit!