Thursday, May 6, 2021


 The weather has been lovely the past week with warm sunny days and frosty nights.  Today was the first rain in some time, but it was only a light drizzle and didn't last too long.  Mum used it as an excuse to not do too much.  

She almost missed getting the recycling out in time this morning.   She may have heard the truck pull up and had to chase it a bit to get her two bags in.  Good one mum.


  1. Chasing the truck certainly gave your mum her exercise. That's a beautiful picture and it's obvious that it was not through the bus window. And it looks like the wind was blowing.

  2. HeHe! Good old Mum..Bless!
    Our recycling day is tomorrow..Friday! :).

    Been down town, just got home in time, it's
    just started to spot with rain..looks like
    it's gonna pour down, and it's time for lunch!

  3. I'm sorry Mum had to chase the recycle truck. good that she has you to cheer her on...

  4. Our weather is changing, too, but it's going in the opposite direction to yours.