Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Mum had a day off today   I got dragged to the vet for my arthritis injection.  So I came home and sulked for 8 hours.  Mum did the chores and then rewarded herself with a library visit and then went to the movies to see Nomadland.  She enjoyed it, but wouldn't rave about it - 3.5/5.  On the way home she saw this little window.  Cute!!


  1. Oh! Poor you PoppY!x Arthritis..horrible
    thing to have, l was diagnosed with it
    in my neck 12yrs ago, l had various
    injections, acupuncture, even therapy!
    Over the years it turned neurological,
    it's not life threatening, not painful,
    but not nice, l just have to put up with
    it..! :(.
    HeHe! Not a pain in the neck though..! :).

  2. The window is really cute, Poppy!

    We're sorry you were dragged off for your injection, but we expect it does you good in the long run. Did you get treats when you got home? Sulking often has the bonus of making the humans feel guilty. :-D

  3. How delightful to see the window. Not delightful to get an injection Hoping you feel better from it, though Poppy.
    And forgive Mum for taking good care of you.

  4. Oh Poppy, your human loves you and wants you to feel better. Give her some snuggles and tell her the book is better than then the film.

  5. I agree re movie... I nodded off in it a tad too slow for me. Cute window. Hope Poopy Q feels better

    1. I only saw the trailer for the film. From all I've heard it wasn't the best adaptation for the book. The book delves into a lot of underlying issues and the people themselves have interesting stories.

  6. That window is so cute! Did your injection help you feel better? We hope so. XO

  7. Cute window, mum did a library run today too.

  8. That injection should help for a long while, eh, Poppy. It does help, I'm sure, so don't sulk too long. And I like the windows - and the vibrant colours of the houses.