Thursday, May 27, 2021


 Last night was the red supermoom.  We had a perfect autumnal night with cleat skies but super cold.  Mum got home at 9pm and went outside at 11pm to stand on the street to watch the eclipse, lots of neighborswere out too.  Mum tried to take a photo but her samsung was not up for the challenge.   The only shot she got was this morning just as the moon disappeared.   


  1. Saw this on the early news..don't think it
    appeared over here, though l got up to use
    the bathroom at four o'clock this morning,
    and it was like daylight outside..!
    Could'nt be bothered to stop and stare..! :).

  2. Still a lovely shot and thanks to your favorite human for sharing it. Wishing you both a sweet day.

  3. Beautiful photo your mum took, Poppy. I saw only the full moon during the
    night and then this morn. Not able to see the eclipse.

  4. poppy food gurl wented out last nite two... and tried ta getz a foto oh de moon ...mumz foto terned out way better .... !!!!

    mumz "mornin" foto iz trout townez "nite time" foto we bet { time wize ...kinda close two } ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  5. Sooo sad I 💤💤 and missed it. Lucky mum. Very nice photo. Thanks

  6. Very cool you got to see the eclipse even tho no pics.

  7. That’s an excellent picture regardless, Poppy. There’s something about a moon over a landscape, eh?