Monday, May 10, 2021



Mum was at her friends house last week and saw there beautiful chicken just sitting quietly in the garden.  Such beautiful feathers, mum never knew that chickens could have such dark iridescent plumage.


  1. Beautiful indeed! Would you like a chicken, Poppy, for a "friend?" :-D

  2. Some chickens are quite nice and colourful...
    And, they make very good pets to..though you
    should'nt keep one on it's own..!
    The only chickens most of us see, is in the
    supermarket with their legs in the air..! :).

  3. That chicken is lovely. Have a sweet day Poppy.

  4. Don't know anything really about chickens, but I must say
    that is one very beautiful color. As long as it is quiet
    and calm, I wouldn't want to meet up with it's sharp talons.
    Looks like it was a lovely day for a visit there.
    We had 2 1/2 inches of rain yesterday, but the sun is out
    and we are expecting frost 3 nights in a row. Send us some warmth, Poppy.

  5. I live in the country and I have never seen such a beautiful hen. I would love to see what chickens it would have. Also the eggs 😊

  6. Is that a breed unique to New Zealand?