Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Wordless Wednesday - Blurry Bus Window



  1. ooooO! Has Muum been on a bus Poppy!x
    And taken some pics..looks nice but a
    bit windy..bit windy over here yesterday!
    Goodness! Was it ever,,Gale force winds,
    60~70mph and it rained on and off..quite
    lucky here down south, not as bad as the
    rest of the country...still suns out now,
    warming up a bit, out in the front garden
    later, few things need trimming..! :O).

  2. The good thing about the blurry bus windows, means that your mom was not walking today. Love that blue sky since we've had rain for 3 days straight.

  3. Such lovely pics. Can you tell us where they are ?

  4. They need to wash their windows, I think...

  5. Where was your mum headed when she took these photos, Poppy?

  6. Beautiful though the windows could use a scrub! Hoping you and Mum had a good day.