Saturday, May 8, 2021


 Another quiet Caturday here at chez Q.  Mum was working the early shift up at 5am.  Still she was home with her dinner at 4pm which was nice as early tea for me too.  It avoids the junk food feasting if she eats early.  


  1. You look a bit sleepy there Poppy!x
    Are getting reading to settle down
    for the night! :).

    It's blowing a gale over here, with
    a few showers, l hate it when it rains
    on a Saturday, one day of the week l
    like to go out..looking through the
    Paddington bear curtains, it may just
    be clearing up..! Hope so! :O).

  2. You look a bit sleepy Poppy. Around here 5:30 is the normal time to get up and feed my Precious. But then I am lucky and get to stay home because I'm too old to work. You all have a great weekend.

  3. Wishing you and Mum a happy weekend.

  4. I get up at five o'clock, but your mum has to be at work by then. Oh, far too early.

  5. I'm glad your human made the most of her day - and you too, Poppy.

  6. Quiet is good, right, Poppy? We hope you and Mum had a nice Caturday.