Saturday, May 15, 2021

Caturday Night At The Movies



  1. That's really lovely Poppy!x
    Think we need a little background music...?

    Oh! And just to say..last night l watched
    part one of five, of a new TV series...
    'The Worlds Most Scenic Railway Journeys'.
    Dunedin Railways, South Island, New Zealand,
    traveling on the Inlander/Seasider..It was
    amazing, and the scenery was out of this
    world, considered one of the best scenic
    journeys in the world..and l quite believe
    it..! :).
    Oh! I've just Googled it...And here it is...
    Runs for 45mins..

  2. Oh Poppy you get to go outside and get your own greens. Precious stays in and I bring wacky weed in for her. Great movie your mum made.

  3. Enjoying your grass, Poppy! Do you go indoors to yak it back up? That's what Flynn used to do, but thankfully not on the carpet.

  4. I see you there, eating your greens, Poppy.

  5. A little roughage, eh, Poppy? :)