Friday, May 7, 2021


 Just chilling here on a Friday.  Mum worked I slept.  Mum had soup and toast for dinner and has been nodding off on the couch, so she is off to bed at 8.30pm as she has to be up early for work on Saturday morning.   


  1. Such a stern face, glad you are chillin' and I hope you both have a good day.

  2. That's a lovely stern face for a Friday
    morning Poppy!x

    Just got back from the top of the town
    charity shop..needed an 8inch plate, and
    l found one..! Hooray! HaHa!

  3. Poppy I think you look concerned about your mom having to go to work on Saturday. I know you'll be waiting anxiously for her to come home. So you have a good Saturday and hopefully a lovely walk in the backyard while you're waiting for her. No walking here as we are just having or April showers well into the month of May.

  4. Ugh, a working weekend for your human. You are lucky to be a kitty, Poppy.

  5. Mum is nodding off too, time for her to get to the sleepy spot.

  6. I nod off right after dinner, but recover enough for chores in the evening. Sigh.