Sunday, May 16, 2021


 Well it's been a quiet day here.  Mum stayed home with me and we just chilled.  It was windy and cool outside and mum put her slippers on and didn't move further than from the bedroom to the living room.  She did venture outside to put the rubbish out and to feed the birds.

I had a quiet day today too and did much the same as mum.  Purrfect.


  1. Well..l got up at 6:45 to make my lemon green tea,
    with honey of course!
    Got back to bed to watch a bit of news, and heard
    this almighty noise, it was rain, goodness, it came
    down like stair rods, for about half an hour! :(.
    Finally got up, an hour later, breakfast, thought
    l'd give the supermarket a miss until tomorrow!
    Though as l look through the Paddington Bear
    curtains now, it's cleared up, and the suns out!

    Made some faggots a couple weeks ago, so, l've
    taken a couple out the deep freeze, l'll roast
    them with potatoes, mushrooms, and sweetcorn,
    that'll be to~days lunch..! I do love faggots! :).

  2. What a beautiful flower to be blooming at this time of year when you're having your cool fall and winter headed your way.

  3. That sounds like a purrfect day, indeed, Poppy and Mum Julie!

  4. A nice restful Sunday, as it should be.

  5. A sweet day for you both.