Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 You saw my movie at the weekend of me chewing on the green grass in the weekend.   It's something I like to do.  Mum thinks I like it because it's tasty.  I'm seldom sick after eating grass, mum thinks I like the roughage and need my fiber.  Just like she needs to eat her greens too.


  1. Flynn often went in the field for his grass and eat the long course blades. The trouble with that was he would often poop a string of sausages or leave a blade sticking out. He wasn't very appreciative of me giving a helping hand to gently remove it.

  2. Every Mum tells their children and
    loved ones to eat there greens...!
    There good for you..

    Reminded me of a Christmas funny...
    "What's the most popular wine at Christmas"?
    "I hate Brussel sprouts"! :0).

  3. My previous cats used to beg for me to bring grass in to them and I did.
    They rarely coughed it back up. Precious only likes her fresh home grown
    catnip. You are looking good Poppy. Enjoy the greens.

  4. That's unusual that a cat won't get sick after eating grass. But if you want to and it helps the digestion, then you know best, Poppy.

  5. poppy....we iz still knot a loud ta visit on de week endz.. sew we flashed R selvez bak in time... and saw yur moovee !!! 984 pawz UP !!! we like grazz two and sinz we iz in door catz; de food gurl getz uz grazz in trayz ....:) pleez N joy sum out side grazz for uz with thanx :) ☺☺♥♥

  6. Just as we thought, Poppy. You like a little fiber in your diet. :)

  7. 7 year old Watson doesn't spend much time outside but she does like a few blades of grass now and then, and then comes INSIDE and yaks them up!!! I wondered if it was for tummy upset? or hair ball problems??? I'm not really sure....