Monday, May 31, 2021


 It's cold and rainy here so mum found a photo from a few months ago when the sun was warm and pouring through my bedroom window. 

 Mum worked an afternoon shift today.  She had been taking a taxi home after late shifts but after 3 lates last week she had been waiting up to 45 minutes in the cold for a taxi to arrive.  So today she gave in and used Uber instead.  Half the price and only a 5 minute wait to get picked up.  While she feels bad for not supporting the local taxi drivers, Covid has changed so much with less drivers around and few wanting to take her the short ride home.


  1. I've been chasing round this morning! :).
    It's Bank Holiday Monday over here, so
    every ones gone mad and gone to the beaches!
    Good luck to them! :(.

    I've popped off and visited a couple local
    neighbours, one not so well, just a chat
    and coffee..
    Last week was an awful week, three friends
    died, including my next door neighbour,
    and three of my doggie friends..! :(.
    Two were 14 and one was 17yrs old...!
    Ah! Well..Such is life!

    Poppy!x Tell Mum she should get home as
    quickly and as safely as possible! :).

    1. Sounds like a sad week Willie.

    2. Yes! Thankyou Lynn...
      The three friends that died were all 80+
      I was more upset of my three doggie friends!
      But! Then, they were all getting on a bit as
      well..! :(

    3. So sorry Willie. Dogs and cats are as important as people . You will be very sad. Now me...I’ve just got live mice and floods. ❤️

  2. Poppy, glad you had sun a while back. Not sure mum ought to feel bad about
    the Uber. Too bad taxi drivers are not so helpful especially on cold nights.
    Not good for mum to be out waiting or walking. Take good care of her.

  3. That is a long time to wait for a ride. You would be falling asleep.Hope more sunbeams keep coming for Poppy and you

  4. Yes, three quarters of an hour is too long to wait, especially when one wants to get home on a cold and rainy day.

  5. What a good idea. You could catch your death waiting in the cold. Remember it’s a business. They just see you as a fare. If you were pleased and wow half the price, keep using them . Tell poppy how lucky she is. No matter however old she gets she’ll never show her age or go grey. 🀣. Ps. I wish I could send her some of my mice. Benches have to be detoled and clean dishes rinsed just in case they get in the pantry. Everyone up here has the same problem. You would just love it here Pops.