Monday, May 17, 2021

Autumnal Evening

 After a rainy but warm day the skies are clearing, dragging in the cooler weather.  Streaks of Grey and orange lit up the skies before it got dark tonight.  
Mum tries to keep dinner simple and quick, tonight was a simple tray bake.  Kumera and sausages baked for 20 minutes, then chopped broccoli, red onion +red pepper mixed in.  Olive oil and lemon squeezed on top with salt and pepper and back into the oven for another 20.  Mum said it was delicious and gave her leftovers for another meal.  

I had a feast - it was a good one with lots of gravy.  Time to snooze now.


  1. Wow! Poppy!x That is a lovely photo
    of a lovely looking sky..amazing!

    Mum's dinner looks nice to..very
    healthy looking..and you had gravy,
    l bet it stuck to your whiskers..! :).

  2. That's a beautiful sky Poppy.

  3. The sky was gorgeous, Poppy, and your mum's supper looked delicious. Bonus on the leftovers! :-)

  4. Both dinner and sky are gorgeous! What us kumera?

    1. Kumera is sweet potato, varieties native to New Zealand. We just chop them up and roast with the skins on.

  5. oh em cod poppy Q, how total lee kewl iz thiz foto !!!! well done mum :) ♥♥☺☺

  6. What a lovely sky, a fiery one. But they never last, do they, Poppy? Sigh.