Thursday, April 1, 2021


 Mum was home late last night after another shift.  It poured with rain nonstop until this afternoon when it suddenly cleared up with blue skies.  

So after work this afternoon mum stopped by the library and then braced herself for supermarket shopping.   People were tense, its a four day Easter break here with shops closed on Friday and Sunday, so everyone was Armageddon shopping.  Mum got herself lots of tasty fruit and vegetables, eggs and bagels already for the weekend ahead. 

 Alas as the afternoon has progressed, she has a cough developing so any plans for fun stuff may need to be canceled.   She can play with me instead.  She is not sure if this is related to the pfizer vaccination she had on Monday, and will wait until tomorrow to see if she is getting worse and needs to ring her doctor and get a Covid test.


  1. I walked into town this morning, my next
    door neighbour asked me if l was going in
    to get some fresh mussels off the fish
    man on the market, he was there, when l
    saw the price of them, l went over into
    the supermarket and got some..half price!
    So..l've just cleaned them, garlic, a few
    herbs, onions and white wine, we'll enjoy
    them outside in about an hour, for lunch!

  2. Over here or country doesn't celebrate Easter anymore. I remember when I was young stores were closed on Friday. And of course back then no store was ever open on Sunday anyway. Not today. The more shopping the happier everybody seems to be. I do hope you and your mom have a terrific Easter weekend Poppy. And that that sore throat is just only a sore throat.

  3. Dear PoppyQ great for you but no fun for poor mum. Best wishes 🌈

  4. Oh dear, poor Mum! Give her extra cuddles...

  5. Poppy dear, it's very important for your mum to get some rest now, whether it's just a cough or the bad bug. A year ago this week, the bad bug was keeping me flat in bed while both my feline friends kept watch beside me. Got the shots recently: the first gave me an itchy arm; the second, a long nap with a headache. Best wishes to your mum!

  6. Sending healing Zen to Mum. Hopefully, it's just the change in the weather and the fun will go on for the holiday weekend. Enjoy playtime together! Have a wonderful day.
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  7. Look at you waiting there dear little Poppy. I drove into the supermarket carpark yesterday morning & thought to myself "is there another Lockdown coming & no one has told me". It was chockka full of cars. Tell Mum to take care - hopefully it is just a reaction to the vaccine. xx

  8. I hope your human is fine and the cough is nothing.

  9. That would be unfair if your mum caught covid-19 after getting the shot against it. I hope it is nothing.