Tuesday, April 6, 2021


 It was crisp and the stars were out tonight.  Mum surprised herself with this shot, they're normally so blurry.  It was hard for mum to listen to the 6.30am alarm this morning.  So she ignored it until 7.15 am, and then she had to get up and hustle to get to work.  Luckily she got there 10 minutes early.  


  1. Looks lovely Poppy!x
    Reminded me of that song by Don McClean..
    "Starry, starry night
    Paint your palette blue and gray
    Look out on a summer's day
    With eyes that know the darkness in my soul..

    Shadows on the hills
    Sketch the trees and the daffodils
    Catch the breeze and the winter chills
    In colors on the snowy, linen land..
    (And there's more)..

  2. That was a beautiful Starry Sky Poppy. Glad your mom got a couple extra minutes of sleep but what a way to go to work in a hurry. I bet you were in a hurry to have breakfast in treat and walk in the backyard.

  3. Beautiful night, Poppy.

    Extra sleep is good, though we're not so sure about the rushing! Kudos to your mum for getting to work a few minutes early. :-)

  4. A beautiful twilight image, Poppy.

  5. Lovely...Your poor Mum and her shifts. I hop you both have a good day.

  6. What a nice photo of the starry sky, Poppy. Poor Mum, having to work those tough shifts. XO

  7. Mum recognized Orion right away! Good shot.