Thursday, March 26, 2015


Our house is very close to the house next door.  Last night at about 10:45pm mum got a call that she had to head back into work, and at the same time the neighbours came home.  He is older and used to work at mums workplace, and she seems new, mum hasn't seen her before.  They seem to like a little drink or two or ten, and mum had seen them heading off somewhere around 5pm as she returned from the library.

Well, the noise was rather loud as he wouldn't let her in the house and she was screaming at how evil he was, and how she wouldn't put up with it, and he was yelling back.  He told her to quiet down as he had nice neighbours, and she replied that she couldn't care less what the neighbours thought.

Well this neighbour lady was pretty close to calling the police, but she had to go to work for an urgent job.  When mum got home the house next door was quiet, and she did peek over the fence to check there was no bodies or blood lying around.  Scary huh!!!  Don't worry, mum would have no hesitation in calling the police if she thought it was necessary.


  1. Goodness! Me! Poppy!x
    What a to~do...But tell Mum if it happens again...
    Don't call the police...HeHe! call the telly station..
    They might like to make a new series of it..!
    You could become the first 'real' pussy~cat
    detective.....Who know!

  2. Poppy, dear, if Mum tells you to go under the bed and stay there, go and stay! Especially if you see flashing lights.

  3. Gee, sounds like our neighbourhood sometimes. Bleh. Hope he ditches the shrew soon.

  4. Wow! This is much more exciting than my days at the library!

  5. We're lucky - there's very little drama on our street. Well, at least if there's drama, it's fairly quiet!

  6. poppy Q....we noe what mum meenz....bak in de old nayborhood we hurd stuff ...saw stuff.... & any combo oh stuff...practically 24/7.....hope two nite iz a quiet nite for ewe, mum & de rest oh de nayborhood ♥♥♥

  7. Our neighborhoood is nice and quiet, no shouting drunk neighbors. But yeah, if mum had to she would call the cops too.

  8. Yikes that a bit of excitement late at night. We says your mum bean is smart...the police might need to be called if they keep that up.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Oh dear. This does not sound good, Poppy. We hope these neighbours calm down and keep quiet. Meow from Jessica