Monday, March 11, 2019

Can You See Me Monday?

Can you see me today?  Monday again and another week has started.  Mum has been busy today and will head to bed again soon. 

I had a feast for dinner and mum made herself some comfort food of ham/cheese/pineapple toasted sandwiches.  Quick and easy is great. 


  1. Is that you Poppy!x Just the other
    side of the table on the seat...! :).

    Mums comfort food all sounds nice...
    Yummy! :o).

  2. We think we just spy something furry on the far side of the table, on the seat! And after looking again, we see a tail too. :-)

    We also have a bit of cold rain, but that's preferable to the ice pellets and freezing rain we had yesterday!

  3. I had to biggify the picture to find you, but I did. Nice tail!

  4. poppy....we had ta putz de fotoz on biggify then had ta look three timez but final
    lee saw ya on de bench.... !!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. You can't hide from us, Poppy! You are on the table bench.


  6. I thought it must be Wednesday, because you could be the hump in hump-day, Poppy.