Saturday, March 23, 2019


Hi Caturday lovers.  I got to loll around on my bag on the mattress cover on this warm sunny Caturday.  I sent the mumster off to work.  It went quick and mum was glad to head home.  She got me a feast for dinner and made some chilli and nachos for dinner.  She is going to have her shower tonight so her hair is clean for her 5.30am alarm call tomorrow morning.

Are you having some treats tonight?  Are your folks making themselves a tasty dinner?  What is on their menu tonight?  Please share.


  1. Hi Poppy!x Hi Poppy!x and one for luck...Hi Poppy!x
    HeHe! Bless! Just caught you before going into town!
    Suns coming out, hopefully a nice last! :).

    I have treats most nights, love to nimble while watching
    the TV..and a sandwich when the averts are on!
    And, l do like a cold meat platter with garlic bread as
    well...Yum! Yum! :o).

    I'm off into town round the charity shops,
    you never know..l might spend some money! HeHe! Who knows! :o).

  2. Glad you had a nice day lolling on your bag. I will be making a chicken, leek and mushroom casserole for our dinner tonight. Lunch is usually a salad.

  3. Hi poppy long time no see/. Just had over a month in hospital. Now I know why you like to snooze all day on your own comfy places and eat treats. This is my 2ndnight home. No waking in the night for antibiotics🤗 no hourly waking for blood pressure etc. NOW I can sleep all night and day just like you. AND eat tasty treats. 🤗
    Who cares a nurse has to come for a few days with a big needle. I am home poppy just like you.
    We went into lockdown when those terrible shootings happened. Life can be very scary but at least tonight poppykinswearre cosy and safe in our own homes. 🌈 🌟 🌙🌹

  4. Oh Poppy, you got me a little teary eyed. My mom passed away in 2005. I still miss our talks every Saturday. She would always ask me “so what are you having for dinner tonight?” No one else ever asks—except YOU! Saturday nights are usually my beef nights. Usually cook up some hamburgers with a tasty salad. Have a restful night!

  5. Yep, my treat today was grilled sausages, brats to us. Plus grilled steak tonight. I am living pretty good today. Tummy is full.

  6. Hi there, Poppy. You sure do look cute on the mattress cover. Our mum and dad had chicken, veggies and rice tonight. We had some yummy turkey and giblets. :)

  7. Poppy, our dinner was the same as always - I got raw duck cat food, Boodie got her "special blend," and Binga got one of her favorite canned dinners. Pretty regular around here.