Saturday, March 30, 2019

Visitor Caturday

Neighbor tabby cat has spent a couple of evenings sitting in our back yard quietly watching my mum as she brought the washing in.  Mum does feel sorry for neighbor cat, as she lives in the flats next door and doesn't have any garden there.  As long as I don't get intimidated or bullied my mum understands that we share the garden space.

It was hot and sunny here today so mum took herself  out for a walk.  She got home in time for a lovely nap with me.  Now a movie at home - Puzzle a quiet drama, enjoyed with pizza on the couch.  I ate 1/2 my feast and had 5 temptations at 10.30pm and now want mum to come back to bed with me.

Did you do anything fun today?


  1. Sharing the garden is nice, we hope there are no altercations!

    Our Saturday is just beginning, with freezing rain right now (6AM -ish), turning to rain later, when it warms up. Our human has a long, long day of errands, with a hair appointment at 1 PM, and groceries after, so we'll be napping while she's gone. (Well, we nap while she's here too, except to eat of course. Ha.)

  2. Ah! That's lovely Poppy!x Sharing your garden,
    hope it works out o.k. and no fighting..! Bless!x

    I've just got back from's a lovely day,
    nice and warm to..T~shirts on the line drying,
    time for a cuppa lemon sticky bun to~day,
    got some Bourbon biscuits, l'll sit
    out on the patio..and just dunk..!!! HeHe! :).

  3. Hmmm, fun? Well, as with every other day I napped, I napped, and then napped some more. Sounds like tons of fun to me!

  4. That is very nice of you to let neighbour cat share your garden, Poppy. Maybe you both can become friends.

  5. Ummm, not really. We did watch the birds outside at the feeders today.

  6. It’s been a quiet weekend here
    We have all snuggled inside in various rooms and spots keeping warm and dry

  7. I hope you let the neighbor cat continue to enjoy your yard, Poppy.