Friday, March 22, 2019


Mum went to work early this morning, and was home just before 5am.  She managed a couple of hours sleep, and then got up to get some washing out before she had to head into work.  She ate her lunch with a couple of colleagues, and there was a 2 minute silence to remember the victims from last weeks terrorist attack.  It has been a hard week and I think that everyone is still in shock. 

Yesterday there were changes made by the government.  Owning military style semi automatic weapons is now illegal.  New Zealanders may still own guns - there are just rules around applying for a gun licence.  We all mostly believe that gun ownership is a privilege her, not a right.  This is not a forum here for any arguments about gun ownership.  We fully support the changes as I am sure 99% of Kiwis do.  It is a shame that it has taken such a tragedy to make such changes happen, but we are glad that moves have been made swiftly to protect the public.

It has been been hard to know what to do in response to what has happened.  It has changed all of us.  Our sense of security,  our feeling of safety in our corner of the world has been forever altered.  For someone to bring that kind of hatred to our shores,  is true evil.  Something we have never had to face before.  It is not who we are. 

Anyways I have to send mum to bed - she has to work early tomorrow morning and needs to join me and get some sleep. 


  1. We've heard of all the changes over here Poppy!x
    It's a good don't wanna finish up like it's ALL to late for them, anyway! :(.

    And, it's something that New Zealand, or indeed the
    rest of the world, will ever forget!
    And, as far as guns are concerned..get rid of them,
    once and for all..what's the point of them anyway,
    except to kill or do harm..! :(.

  2. I’d say the vast majority of us here in the USA applaud what your country has done. Most comments are like “this is what true leadership looks like!” Yes, our country is run by the gun lobbyists so nothing will change here. After the Sandyhook massacre when so many little children were killed and not one thing changed, America lost its soul.

  3. As a Canadian looking on, I will state again how impressed I am with the government and people of NZ. There was buy-in from all concerned on the change in law, whereas we don't have that even in Canada. I'm also very impressed with possumlady's comment, as I often think that if the will to change laws (in the U.S.) wasn't there after Sandyhook, it never will be.

    NZ does have true leadership, IMO, and is definitely to be applauded for the response--and swiftness of it.

    My continued thoughts and prayers to all.

  4. I think what it comes down to is that New Zealand loves life and its people more than it loves guns. That can't be said for all countries.

  5. It has been a stressful week for everyone in your country. I admire your strength and wisdom, and wish our bull-headed country would learn from it.

  6. Oh Julie, you have shared exactly how I have been feeling. xx

  7. It will take time to heal after this horrific act. Glad your PM is taking action on guns. Guns are OK for hunting, but not the automatic ones which are not suitable for anyone other than military use.