Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Night

Tonight mum had some foods and was ready for bed by 7pm.  She was exhausted - so she took a nap.  For a couple of hours.  I joined her cos you know, I like napping too.  Us girls are glad it is Friday and we are ready for the relaxing to begin.


  1. You look very happy Poppy!x
    On your favourite bag, l see..
    It's just about lunch time over
    here, l've just had a little snack,
    and a cuppa soup..bit of ironing to
    do..then settle down and watch...
    Bizarre Foods America..with Andrew
    Zimmern..repeats on Mon~Frid..five
    days a it..! :).

  2. poppy q.....we bee glad itz fry day all sew....heerz two a grate week oh end for ewe N mum ☺♥

  3. Your human is lucky, Poppy! I only nap with mine when we are in a hotel.