Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Mum has a collection of duvets and quilts.  This is one for the new season.  What does your person collect?


  1. HeHe! I collect anything...'Pink'...! :).
    My bedroom is pink..my bathroom is pink...
    And..my famous downstairs toilet is pink!
    Oh! And..And..The kitchen...! Heaven! :o).

  2. I wish my human collected quilts! We could use some nice ones.

  3. Cat fur! LOL. No, really, she saves our fur when she brushes us. Crazy woman, kind of scary if you think about it. What's she going to do with all of our fur?!?

    She also collects tote bags (she's culled them down to the ones she hung in her hall closet), purses, scarves, pretty mugs (she's had to cull them too!), wicker baskets (because there's no such thing as too many baskets), pretty greeting cards (some lovely cat and floral ones are in frames as cheap art on the walls), tee-shirts in jewel tones, jackets (oh, she's bad for jackets!)....No wonder she's always got loads and loads of stuff to donate, as she keeps decluttering!

  4. Dust bunnies? I think she gave up collecting things and is now trying to slowly get rid of excess stuff.

  5. I would love to have quilts, but I don't think many are washable. How does your mum clean yours, Poppy? As for collecting, I used to collect books, but I don't have the resources for that any more. But I still read a great deal.