Sunday, March 3, 2019


Thanks for being lazy with me today mum.  What do you mean you did 3 loads of washing, hoovered and cleaned?  You should have got your 23 hours of sleep like me!


  1. HeHe! Goodness me! Poppy!x
    I know you need your beauty sleep..
    BUT! Bless!x

    Just got back from the supermarket,
    blowing a gale to~day, though not to
    wet..they had a dozen snails at £2:17..
    ($4:22) l bought some..usually eat
    the ones in the garden, though not this
    time of year, put the garden ones in a
    box for couple weeks, let them purge
    themselves..boil them up..garlic butter,
    and away we go..Lovely! Lovely! :).

  2. Wow, a whole 23 hours of sleep? In a row?? That's awesome!

  3. A lovely lady like you needs her beauty sleep. I am sure your mum wishes she could have joined you for a few of those hours though.

  4. At least no one expects you to do all that work, Poppy!

  5. No one can do lazy like a cat, eh, Poppy?

  6. Da mommas don't know how to be properly lazy!