Thursday, March 21, 2019


Mum caught me up at the window.  I was busy sniffing as the neighbours were cooking some nice smelling food for dinner.  By the time she grabbed the phone to take a photo I jumped down.

It has been a hard week - the news has been pretty relentless this week, so mum has trying to avoid watching the news too much.  Early night's have helped a bit too.  Tonight though mum is on call so maybe not too much sleep for mum tonight - we'll see what happens.


  1. Well Poppy!x I mentioned it on Julie's post..
    It's been on the news over here of course...
    I must say what a wonderful Prime Minister
    you have, so honest and caring, and certainly
    got things moving..
    It's a terrible thing to happen, especially
    in a lovely country like yours, though it only
    takes one..does'nt it..just one, who now does'nt
    deserve to see the light of day..! :(.
    God Bless! And prayers for those victims and their
    families..God Bless!

  2. It's been on the news here too, of wide. I can imagine the media circus.

    I will add that I'm impressed with your Prime Minister. I don't know how she really is as PM, of course, but from my p.o.v. she's stepped up and been a real leader with respect to addressing the gun issue. That wouldn't happen in many other countries, IMO, including my own of Canada. Well done. I also was very impressed when I saw a clip of her stating she would not speak the perpetrator's name, and urged others not to as well. Kudos to her. I wish more politicians would model her.

  3. Take care, you guys - I know how hard and sad it is for your area right now. Your Prime Minister is amazing - there is that, and something we definitely don't have in our own country.

  4. It's been rather awful, shaken a lot of people. Still can't believe it happened here in NZ. Take care.

  5. I can move faster than mum, so she doesn't always get pictures of me. Mum agrees, when the news is super bad, less is better. Enough to know what is going on, don't need to know every last detail. Less TV and just check in on line.

  6. We've been thinking about you lots. Please take care of yourselves, dear pals. And we will echo what some of our friends wrote above. Your P.M. is really showing what a great leader she is.