Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Early Bird Snoozer

I have tucked myself into bed early cos mum was looking at me funny.  She was just looking at me wanting to chat - but I was ready to start snoozing.  This is still one of my main spots and I spend some time in it every day and every night.  I switch between mums spot on the bed, my shopping bed and this little bed which is heated with a special cat electric blanket so it is always warm for my old bones. 

Mum and I have been going to bed a bit earlier as the weather is looking more wintry.  It has been drizzly and cloudy her for the past week, and the next week is forecast for more rain.  I have been popping into mums bed for a quick cuddle before she goes to bed and in the morning, a sure sign that winter is coming!!


  1. HeHe! You remind me of the Princess and the Pea story,
    Poppy!x With all those lovely blankets! And, heated as
    well..! :). Bless!x

    Very wintry over here..more rain, more wind, up to
    60~80mph..nicer tomorrow, back to the wind/rain on
    Thursday..And..we're supposed to be in early spring! :(.

  2. When you've got to snooze, you've got to snooze, Poppy.

  3. That looks like such a cozy spot for a snooze!

  4. We are finally feeling like spring is really coming. Snow melting, lots of sunshine, warms!

  5. poppy Q.....winterz knot left heer yet N we iz all winderin...WHY !! did mum make yur patch quilt....it bee awesum :) ~~ ♥♥

  6. That looks so nice and warm. I’d love to snuggle in there
    Yes our weather has turned cold and drizzling
    Looks like winter is on it way