Monday, March 25, 2019


After the past week or so it seems pointless to complain about the small stuff going on after what some families must be experiencing.  However, in the midst of the terror in Christchurch a notice popped up on mums phone to say that the main library in town was closing.  After the earthquake of  over 2 years ago, several large city buildings were deemed unsafe or in need of earthquake strengthening.  So the council, had decided the library would close the next day.  For a year or two.

There are quite a few branches of the library, although none of them are that close to our house, and mum liked going to the main library.  It was a place that she visited every week to return or borrow books.  It was a good place to sit and meet people as it had a cafe and mum just liked to wander the stacks and discover interesting reads.

Luckily she had gone in the day before it closed and got 6 new books, although her reading is a bit slow at the moment she is relieved to have a big pile to get through.  Is is sad that she is mourning the closure of her house of worship?


  1. Ah! That's awful news Poppy!x
    Closing a library..l was thinking, over here
    we have mobile libraries..not the same l know
    but at least you get a weekly visit, and it's
    ideal for people living in rural areas..!

    There still discussing Christchurch over here
    to..mostly about the hero's that have emerged
    after the shootings..and a number of people
    who gave their lives for others, the greatest
    thing a man can give his life for his
    fellow man..!

    Suns out over here..gonna be a nice warm, dry day,
    l'm pop into town etc..
    Might just give the grass it's first cut to..! :).

  2. Are we reading this correctly that the library will open again at some point in the future, presumably after repairs? You said a year or two.

    We have a main library branch downtown, and two branches in other areas of the city. The main one just reopened on Saturday with a big to-do, after 2+ years of much-needed renovations to the old building. Things didn't go smoothly and they ran over their projected timeline, but surprisingly not budget.

    Anyway, it's perfectly OKAY to mourn the loss of your own, even if only a temporary closure. It was convenient, and spending time around books can be a "sacred" experience!

  3. Glad your mum got a supply of books to read. Hopefully she can find a good spot to get more while they are fixing the building. Mum wouldn't know what to do if she didn't have a library handy!

  4. The closure of any library is bad, but at least this is temporary. Does your mum get to keep the books until it re-opens??

  5. That's really sad that it will be closing for so long.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the closure of one of your favorite places. I love libraries and can understand your sadness. Hopefully, the long wait will be worth it.