Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Being an inside/outside cat I get to have lots of times out in the garden.  I enjoy having some moms on the green grass.  If you look on Google lots of sites say that cats do this to relieve stress or to settle their sore tummies.  Mum is not sure about these theories, she thinks it must be just tasty as I often sit and have a nibble.   As spring is arriving in some parts of the world, we wonder if our Northern Hemisphere friends will grow some cat grass for their feline friends?


  1. Grass in good for pussy~cats and dogs, it helps with
    their digestion as well..Freddie who's here every morning
    about eight for his breakfast, always goes back outside
    for a nibble on the grass..then he's back at twelve for
    lunch..HeHe! Bless him..! :).

    And..talking of grass..l'm off out the front to cut mine!
    I cut the back yesterday..Suns out, nice and warm again..! :).

  2. I periodically buy some organic cat grass at a local pet food store and Nicki in particular will attack it. However, as soon as the weeds in the back space have grown (can't really call it "grass"), the boys will forgo the real cat grass in favour of those weeds. I have no idea why! I'll often plant some cat grass seeds out in the garden, but again, the boys always go for the garden grass before the bona fide cat grass.

  3. I don't have the cat-grass for my beasts; I have a hard enough time getting them to eat decent food. I think with this snack available, they'd eat even less of what I wanted them to.

  4. Binga and Boodie always throw up any cat grass they eat, so they don't get any.

  5. Mum has grown it for me, but I never really eat it. Derby used to chow down on it all the time. Then he would yak it back up.