Saturday, March 9, 2019

Caturday Fun

Today was rainy and cool.  Mum and I had a sleep in and then after mum got up for a bathroom visit, I wanted a cuddle so she climbed back into bed and read her book and I got my cuddles done.
 She did chores for a little bit.  As it was so horrid outside mum got her groceries delivered as the fee is less than a taxi ride home from the supermarket.  She stocks up on the bulky things like 20 rolls of toilet paper and dirty cans of fancy feast, things that are awkward for her to carry home normally.
 Top gun was on the telly tonight.  Mum knows most of the dialogue, but still enjoys watching it every year or so when it pops up on the telly.
She had a Pepsi and some chips which she hasn't had in a while this afternoon, so she enjoyed them.  For dinner she roasted some pork, kumara and potatoes and had some corn, broccoli and beans too.  So she is stuffed full with lots of leftovers.

Mum hopes you can link to this  story from one of our Kiwi newspapers about two dogs stranded in the mud, and rescued by a whole team of helpers.  One dog  Fern was stuck by its lead in the mangroves, and her Brother Gus stayed by her side for two days until help came to set them free.

Now the candles are lit and mum is going to watch a movie.  She is glad to have had such a relaxing day.  I have had my feast and treats and mum has let me help her today and given me lots of cuddles.  I love it when she spends Caturday with me.

We hope you get to do something fun on your Caturday too.


  1. Sounds like you ladies had a nice relaxing day. I had to google kumara and it said it is similar to sweet potatoes and native to NZ.

  2. Oh! Sad story about the dogs Poppy!x
    But they do run off sometimes..Once they get
    a sniff of summat..There off..!

    And..the main thing is..You god lots of cuddles! :).
    I'm afraid l don't like Tom Cruise..he gets on my
    nerves..! Especially what he's tied with in his
    personal life..! :(.

  3. Poppy, dear, it's good to see you and your mum investing time and $$$ in being kind to yourselves! Never mind an expensive and exhausting holiday away from home -- the best rest is ordering groceries delivered, preparing comfort food, clicking on a favorite flick, and curling up for cuddles with a pleasantly plump cat!

  4. Now that's our idea of a purrfect Caturday!

  5. It sounds like you and Mum had a nice day together, Poppy! We are going to look up "kumara" now...

  6. Your mum was smart to get groceries delivered, locally you can order on line, but you have to go pick it up. Glad your mum had a restful day.

  7. A fun movie is how I like to spend my Saturday evenings, too, Poppy. It sounds like your whole Saturday was a good one.