Sunday, March 10, 2019

Snuggle Sunday

What else is a girl to do when it is raining outside again?


  1. No rain to~day Poppy!x Just wind..
    And when l say wind..Wow! It's wind..
    I put out a saucer on of milk out for
    Fudge earlier, he drank it, then the wind
    blew it off the patio table, and smashed
    it in half..make my way up to the supermarket's up the top of town, so l expect
    it's blowing a gale up there..still..suns out..!

  2. Good choice of action, Poppy! We will be doing the same, as we're having snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, blah blah blah. (Go away, winter!!!)

  3. You're doing exactly the right thing, Poppy. Enjoy your nap, sweetie!

  4. Or cold and cloudy here. Grate napping weather.

  5. True - what else is there to do on a dreary day?