Thursday, April 15, 2021


 Mum worked late this evening, so she came home and gave me my dinner.  I then urgently curled up on the mama bed in heat mum calls the snuggly buggly position.   Mum has some shifts coming up and is going to try  and focus on the positive things about working late and enjoy the days at home and try and sleep in and spend some time in the sun with me.  Once I get my beauty sleep.


  1. You don't need a lot of beauty sleep Poppy!x
    Your beautiful enough already..HeHe! Bless!

    And a nice snooze with Mum out in the sun
    would be really nice..! :)
    It's starting to get warmer over here,
    though another early frost this morning..! :(

  2. The really only good thing about working at night is spending the days
    with you Poppy. Hope you let mum get lots of sunny naps. Then
    lots of snuggles and feast for both.

  3. We hope your mum's night shifts pass quickly and uneventfully, Poppy. She will be so happy to come home to you! ♥

  4. I think snuggly buggly is perfect for you there Poppy. Mum has a good positive attitude about night shift. She obviously doesn’t like it. It must be tough. I loved working at night, am a real owl but if the weather is good imagine lying outside with a good book. I don’t know how you fit your sleep in though. Thinking of you both 🌈 🐭

  5. I bet the night shifts are hard! Aren't we lucky we're kitties, Poppy?

  6. Oh you look so comfortable...

  7. You look very comfy. I bet you miss your mom when she works at night.

  8. It doesn't look like much could disturb you in that position, Poppy.