Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Today was sunny so I went out on the deck and rolled round in the sun, then went explorin out in the garden.  That is what I call it, mum thinks I went out to poop.   The nights have been cold and the mornings frosty but the sun heats up midday.  Overnight it was around 4 deg C, and during the day about 12 deg C, so our winters is quite mild but we still like to moan about it.

The mumster spent her day at work, leaving in the dark and heading home as the sun was coming down.  Supermarket stocking had to be done, as the feast was running low and we can't have that!!


  1. ooooO! We don't usually see you in an
    action photo Poppy!x
    Looks as though you've got your eye on
    something! Tail up! Paw at the ready!x

  2. We think that is freezing cold.

  3. Purrfect cold for cuddle =^x^=

  4. Poppy, dear, I see green grass and sunshine "...on a winter's day" tra la la. You do indeed enjoy mild winters!

  5. Im loving the cold winter nights and sunny days.

  6. noe poppy Q...ewe canna bee with out feest....tell mum ta just stock up now; a good 158,933 cases shuld get ewe thru ta spring time...♥♥♥