Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stormy Saturday Caturday

Today was a rather stormy Caturday.  Mum and I had to get up early as she had to go to a work study day this morning.  She thought it would be boring, but the speakers were good, and the morning tea was possibly the best mum had had in attending 30 years of talk.  It is always annoying when it is on at the weekend, as staff don't get paid to attend and it takes time out of a precious weekend off.  The good thing was that mum ran into a couple of people she hasn't seen for a while which was nice.

The afternoon weather got worse, not better with lots of wind and rain, but as the International Film Festival started mum went and met a bestie.  They had lots to talk about and as the movie was at four they had an early dinner - at 3.30pm with some tasty pork tacos!!!   They enjoyed the movie, Truman a Spanish Argentine movie about two adult friends and a dog.  4/5

Mum was glad to be able to head home at 6pm with a stop off at the supermarket.  All stocked up so she doesn't have to go to the supermarket tomorrow and can stick the sweats on and hang round the house.

As she had left the house at 8am this morning, I was very vocal when she got home and was happy to have my dinner early too.  I am now snoozing on her bag on the bed - still loving the leather!!!

Hope you had a nice Caturday and got to do something fun.


  1. Poppy, dear, it's awful to have to sit through a mandatory study session when one lacks sleep (and compensation). Your mum was very fortunate that the organizers chose to provide a good tea -- I've been to events in posh venues where one had to purchase snacks from machines.

  2. Wish l could send you a bit of our weather Poppy!x
    It's still very much...'Phew'...I wanted to go up
    and tackle the top bit of the privet..But, it is way
    to hot, and, l'm in no mood to be using a hedge strimmer!
    Leave it till tomorrow now! :).
    But, l did get some plants to~day...did a couple of hanging
    baskets, and a couple of wicker things that hang on the fence!
    And a couple of pairs of trainers...trainers..??? Yes! trainers,
    I plant lobelia in them, then hang them on the fence, when the
    lobelia starts to grow and flower and surround the trainers, they
    look really nice, and saves throwing away trainers..!!! :0).

  3. We stayed home and inside to avoid the heat and muggies. Glad your mum had an OK semi-work day