Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Night Laughs

The bed is made and I am assuming my position.  It sure is chilly tonight, with the temp dropping down to 3 deg C.  So the heater is on and the blankie warming up.  Mum had a good day at work, and after work had a walk and went to the library to stock up.  She then went to the supermarket and bought lots of stuff, except the washing machine powder which was the one thing she was going in there for. Hahaha.

She got home and fed me my feast (always the first job needed when she comes through the door).  She had bought some icecream (boysenberry), and had to put that in the freezer, and then  realized that in order to put it into the freezer she had to take the other icecream out, and rather than waste it she ate it.  Dessert before dinner.  So the steak, potato and salad had to wait til later.  Hahaha.

So the weekend is starting and mum and I are going to have some fun!!!  She is planning to do stuff and enjoy herself.  Maybe I will sleep?  Who knows?


  1. HeHe! I've done that Poppy!x
    Gone to the supermarket for something, got
    home, and forgot to get it...AND! That's with
    a shopping list! Goodness! :).

    You look nice and settled there Poppy! Quick
    look around, make sure everything is o.k.
    then...zzzzzzzzzzZ! :). Nite! Nite!x

  2. poppy Q...hope how ever ewe & mum spend de week end...itz a grate one !!! stay warm, N joy N heerz two a flagfin... happee.... kinda week oh end....see ya twooz day ♥♥♥

  3. Sounds like something I would do. Go into the store for one thing. Get a million other things and forget the one think I wanted. Well done on the dessert.

  4. Mum says life is short, eat dessert first! Mum goes shopping with a list so she doesn't foregt things, otherwise she forgets things!

  5. Poppy, dear, I do envy your mum having boysenberry ice cream in the freezer! (But I have a rhubarb pie in the 'fridge, replacing the English muffin loaf for toast I'd planned to purchase. It was that kind of week at the markets.)

  6. The times I've gone to the grocer's to buy something, bought something else and forgotten the original need? Well, I've forgotten how many times. My memory is the problem. I write a list - and then forget the list.