Saturday, July 2, 2016

Casual Caturday

Last night was freezing here!!  Luckily we had lots of quilts piled up on our bed and I had my merino blankie to snuggle on.  I love it when mum lets me lie on her leather bag on the bed - however I am not allowed to scratch on it, cos that makes her unhappy.

When we woke up it was Caturday and the sun was shining, and it had warmed up quite a bit.  Mum did some chores - exciting ones like dishes and doing the washing.  Oh what a fun day!!!  Actually though she turned some music on, and bopped around doing the jobs.  Then she showered and got dressed and went out for a walk in the sunshine.  She headed into town and wandered round some shops.

She had an hour or so to kill before meeting some friends for dinner, so went for a drink at a bar, which was ok as it was quiet there, and she didn't feel too odd sitting alone drinking her lemon lime and bitters.  Dinner was lovely and nice to spend time with friends, then mum headed home to me.  So I had my little feast and then took myself off to bed, waiting for her to turn in.

Hope you all had a nice Caturday too and did something fun.


  1. You look lovely with Mums handbag Poppy!x
    Perhaps Mum could get one of your own....
    Much smaller of course! :).

    Scattered showers over here, though quite warm.
    That's the forecast for the next few days!
    I've been out and about, in the next town up.
    Usual thing...Coffee, window shopping, and charity
    shops, can't leave those out! Nothing caught my eye,
    so came back home with out buying anything!
    Will settle down later for a bit of telly, then
    football to~night...HeHe! Bottle of wine and a sticky
    bun...! :0).

  2. Miss Poppy, Me is different. In some how I'm not a fan of leather. We have leather couch but I've never lied on it . Mom got leather bag too, I don't scratch but I threw up inside..MOL

    Have a great weekend

    PS : From now on.. Please visit me @ My new blog address : 

    Thank you

  3. We think your mum's day was pretty nice, actually! Our biped was busy as usual and quite frankly is looking forward to crawling into bed tonight. LOL. We hope your Sunday is/was lovely!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day Poppy. The mom bean didn't sleep well last night so there were some extra naps around here today.

    Enjoy your cuddles with mum!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku