Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Shopping

Yet again I was left alone on my Sunday while the mumster went out to work.   A girl has to pay for feast somehow.  While she was out I was browsing the internets looking for some great gifts.  I found these cool cat loungers from Giotto Cat Furniture/ ETSY , they are made in London and I am sure would look very styley in your house.

The mumster admired them and their stylish form, but said I might have to make do with a cardboard box.

So mum bought some Chicken for dinner which I didn't share as I don't like people food.  I also did not eat any of mums fish and chips on Friday night either.  It is only crunchies or feast for me.

I hope you had a nice Sunday too - did you do any shopping?


  1. HeHe! When l first saw the above pics...
    I thought..'Goodness! Poppy's!x lost some
    weight! :).
    Ah! And, there's nothing can can beat a
    cardboard there!

    I've got chicken for dinner to~day...Give
    the rabbit/pheasant a rest...Just put it in
    the oven, slow roast for an hour, roast potatoes,
    and roast carrots/sprout/sweet corn...!

    Looking forward to Tuesday Poppy!x On BBC2 at 9:00
    is the first of three programs...New Zealand:Earths
    Mythical Islands. All about the wildlife in N/Z.
    Sounds l'll look out for you...! :0).

  2. I think the loungers are cool looking too... but I do think cardboard boxes are probably more cozy!

  3. We'll echo Summer and Willie too, about the cardboard. Well, except that Nicki "eats" it. Those ARE very cool looking loungers, however, for those with the budget to splurge!

    Our biped did her usual shopping, including food for us, and found a couple of things for herself as her splurge. :-)

    Purrs for a good week ahead for you both.

  4. That is a very stylish lounger, but like you I prefer a cardboard box.
    I don't like people food either but lately when I smell the BBQ I will sometimes eat one or two tiny bites offered to me, but never more.

  5. Those are definitely some comfy looking loungers. We didn't get to go shopping today, but we did get to hang out in our sunny room. Any day we get to spend out there is a good day for us.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Very smart kitty lounger indeed but the reality is that the loungers appeal more to our beans than to us. A nice cardboard box, now there's a proper kitty bed any day of the week. We're not much for people food either. We might eat bits of chicken on occasion but only the white meat.

  7. Poppy, you miss all sorts of good stuff by not eating peoples food. Mum doesn't give me much, but it is good!

  8. From that angle, the pictures make it look as if the cat is on a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.