Monday, July 11, 2016


Mum was glad when work was over last night.  She was super tired, but managed to head home with some groceries, feed me my feast, put the heater on and collapsed onto the couch.  She slept well, until her body clock woke her up at 6am.  I was snuggled in next to her as it was a cold night and frosty morning.  She read her book and listened to the radio til 8am and then got herself up.

Some chores were done, the dishes that had piled up and some washing that needed to be done.  The sun was out and so sheets were draped on the line for a couple of hours.  Mum then thought she should go for a walk.  She headed into town off to the library where she pottered round and then decided she had time for the cinema.  So she went to the lighthouse cinema in town which was deserted.  In fact in the whole theater there were mum and two others, one of which was a lady that laughed very loudly throughout the movie.  She saw Love and Friendship, the story based on a Jane Austen novella. Mum does enjoy a good costume drama, but found this one dragged a bit and although all the actors looked good she didn't really enjoy it.  It could also be that she was tired and kept nodding off.

Mum then thought she should make the most of the sunshine and walk home.  It is only a 15 minute walk, but half of it was uphill, but she felt better once she got home.  She cooked herself a chicken and broccoli pasta dish and I took myself to bed real early and haven't asked for my feast yet.  Mum is sure I will wake up soon and realize I am hungry.

So mum enjoyed her day off - in fact she has the next 3 Mondays off, so she has some things planned for all of them.  Hope you all had a good day too.


  1. ooooO! Sounds like Mum had a good day Poppy!x
    As far as films are concerned, l still like,
    and still watch..cartoons! Trouble with modern
    films is, that there's to much naughty bits!
    Not only that, but, it's in your face all the
    time...Give me the old black/white films! Great
    story~lines, great acting, great all round! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum is right about maintaining momentum! When we middle-aged ladies keep movin', we keep tickin' (chores off The List), so we may truly enjoy our 3-day weekends.

  3. What a lovely mumsday!

    And wow, your cinema theatres have pillows? Seriously? People would steal them or destroy them here. Anyway, even if the movie was only so-so, it still sounds like a great day off!

    Purrs for a wonderful week.

  4. It's too bad the movie was lacklustre. But I'd nod off, too, if the cinema here had such comfortable seats - and practically the whole room to myself. And someone laughed aloud and through the whole film - at a Jane Austen story? I like Austen, and her stories can be amusing, but I don't associate them with belly-laughs...

  5. us girls had planned to see this movie, might pass and watch on DVD. We go during the day too but our Waikanae movie theatre is often packed with retired people.

  6. poppy awesum mum haz sum mondayz off...hope her can due sum mor fun stuff...hope her mondayz meen a three day week oh end & herz knot werkin on caturday ore SUNday ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. Our TBT wakes up early at morning, but he just turns over and sleeps more...